Welcome to the 2015 School Year

Welcome back! This year, we will have 12 homeroom classes for the 2015-2016 school year:
Grade KA – Mrs. Williams            Grade 3B– Mrs. King
Grade KB – Mrs. VanToever       Grade 4A – Ms. MacPherson
Grade 1A – Mrs. Gauthier           Grade 5/4Z– Mrs. Ellis
Grade 2/1Z– Mrs. Conohan         Grade 5A – Ms. Johnston 
Grade 2A – Mrs. Thompson         Grade 6A –Mr. Enman
Grade 3A– Mrs. Michelin             Grade 6B– Mrs. Deagle/Mr.  LeClair

Additional instructional support staff includes:
Core French – Ms. MacPherson (Grade 4)
& Mrs. Stevenson (Grades 5 & 6)
Phys. Ed. – Mr. LeClair 
Music –Mrs. Blanchard 
Reading Recovery – Mrs. Ives (Sept-Feb)&Mrs. Birt (Feb-June)
Special Education/Resource – Ms. Deglan-Gallant, Ms. Hume, 
Mrs. Blanchard, Mrs. Deagle, Mrs. Birt (Feb-June)
School Counsellor – Mrs. Ramsay
Librarian –Mrs. Ives

Administration and other staff:
Principal – Ms. Deglan-Gallant 
Vice-Principal– Mrs. Ives
Secretary – Mrs. Young (Mrs. Blanchard is on leave)

Educational Assistants –
Ms. Bryenton, Mrs. Ward, Ms. Buote, Ms.Yazdani, Ms. Clow, &
Ms. MacDonald

Day Custodian – Mrs. Ford
Night Custodian – Mr. Jenkins
Cleaner – Mrs. Perry

Bus Drivers – Mr.Dollar (#163), Mr.Nicholson (#008), Mrs. MacIsaac (#122) & Mr. Larsen (#13)

Class Placements for 2015/2016
Placing students into classes is not an easy process. It is very time consuming and many weeks are spent finalizing class lists. As a school team, we put a great deal of thought and care into organizing classes. We consider a variety of criteria, putting the academic and social needs of each student as the highest priority. We also aim for a balance in classes – this includes gender, learning style, academic ability, work habits, social, emotional and behavioral needs and group dynamics. We will work diligently towards making sure that all of our students are in the most positive, heterogeneous learning environment possible based upon their learning needs.

We look forward to seeing all of our students on Tuesday. Enjoy the long weekend!


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