EWS Band Entrance Screening

Band Entrance Screening for grade 6 students wishing to take band at EWS in September

Screening for grade 6 students planning to enrol in band at East Wiltshire begins this month. Students who wish to be considered for entrance into the band program for September 2017 must take the music aptitude test at East Wiltshire during ONE of the following three times, you may choose the one that best suits your schedule:

Tuesday April 11, 3:45 PM, EWS Band Room
Tuesday April 11, 7:00 PM, EWS Band Room
Wednesday April 12, 3:45 PM EWS Band Room

Taking this 30 minute test lets us know that the student wishes to be in the band in grade 7. We then handle the rest of the screening process internally. Students will be notified by mail as to their acceptance sometime in mid May. For more information contact Frank Nabuurs at fanabuurs@edu.pe.ca or call 902-368-4130 ext 232.

EWS grade 7 band will be going to Eliot River and Central Queens on Thursday April 6 to give students a little concert and information about being in the band program. A letter to parents about band and the screening process will be sent home with grade 6 students that day.

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